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Chesscademy provides free online lessons for anyone wanting to learn to play chess. We have always strived to offer a chess education of the highest quality, no matter your level.
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The Team

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Andrew Ng

Andrew is a 7-time national chess champion. He has represented the U.S. National Team and six years of professional coaching experience. He studies computer science at Princeton University.

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Francis Hinson

Francis is a full stack developer. He has won top prizes at over a dozen national hackathons and competitions, including HackMIT and HackPrinceton. He studies computer science at the University of Rochester.

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Sabar Dasgupta

Sabar is a database and algorithms expert. He has studied computer science and artificial intelligence at Princeton and Columbia University since age 16. He is a rising freshman at Stanford University.


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Josh Weinstein

Josh is the founder of live video platform YouAreTV. He is a U.S. high school speed chess champion and holds a rating of 2128.

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YCombinator & Imagine K12

Geoff Ralston

Geoff is a founding partner at Imagine K12 and partner at YCombinator. He served as CEO of music startup Lala and Chief Product Officer at Yahoo.

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Imagine K12

Tim Brady

Tim is a founding partner at Imagine K12. He is the former CEO at education startup QuestBridge and was the first employee at Yahoo.

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Techstars NYC

Alex Iskold

Alex is Managing Director at Techstars in New York City. He is a two-time founder at GetGlue and Information Laboratory.